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If you live in Denmark and have not previously received Danish tuition at a language center you are eligible for Danish language tuition. This means that your tuition will be partly paid for by your Municipality. You must be referred by your Municipality in order to receive tuition.

If you are no longer eligible to receive Danish language tuition or if you live outside Denmark, the price for Netdansk tuition is 1500 DKK for 4 weeks. You pay for 4 weeks of tuition at a time. You yourself select the number of lessons you wish per week. Beginners 5 or 10 lessons a week. Module 3,4,5 and 6 up to 6 lessons a week.


Did you start Danish tuition after 1st of July 2017 you have paid a deposit of DKR 1250 before entering Netdansk. When you change module after 1st of July 2018 you must also pay a tuition fee of 2000 DKR for each future module.


Do you start your Danish Education after 1st of July 2018 you must pay a deposit of 1250 DKR and a tuition fee of 2000 DKR before entering Netdansk. The tuition fee is to be paid each time you enter a new module.


Contact us for further information. Deposit and tuition fee only applies for those referred from a Municipality in DK.