S - Indhold
1 - Forside
2 - Nyheder
3 - Oversigt
4 - Søg


To be admitted to Netdansk you must attend an interview. Its purpose is to determine your language level and to find the most appropriate course for you.

Interviews are held at a Lærdansk language center or over the Internet – via mail communication or via a web conference/Skype. At the interview you will be presented with some language tasks.

Following the interview you will receive a mail in which you will be offered a course. You can begin the course within 7 – 14 days. You will simultaneously receive a user name, a password, and the names of your teachers.

We admit new students each week at all modules.

Our visitationscheme is currently out of order - please write an email to Helle Høi, Netdanskcoordinator, in order to get enrolled, thank you.

Register for an interview here