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4 - Søg

Summer Holiday 2nd of July to 31 of August 2017

Netdansk is a virtual school that offers Danish language tuition for persons with higher education.  Tuition is carried out over the Internet. Nevertheless, you will communicate and have contact with both your fellow students and the teachers. This takes place via forums, chat, web conferences and private messages.

Tuition in Netdansk takes your needs as a starting point and is primarily based on material from the Internet. The assignments are produced continually and are based on your own and your fellow students’ needs and interests. All assignments are evaluated and commented on by your teachers and fellow students.

Tuition in Netdansk is carried out in teams. You communicate with your fellow students and with your teachers, but you yourself determine when and how. You work with language whenever it suits you. You can select the assignments that suit you best. You can choose the number of lessons each week to fit in with your other activities.